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Cubanocanadian Summer 2020 Sale ENDED




15% off on any single piece = Discount code "Cubanocanadian 15%"

20% off on any 2 pieces together = Discount code "Cubanocanadian 20%"
25% off any 3 or more pieces together = Discount code "Cubanocanadian 25%"

Welcome to the strange summer of 2020!
Despite the trying times and complications imposed everywhere by Covid-19, CUBANOCANADIAN is still celebrating the beginning of summer this year and keeping the faith that things will soon get back to a little bit more normal for all of us wherever we are!

Toward that end, CUBANOCANADIAN is planning what we can to help out a little down in Cuba.  It looks like travel there may open back up some time in July, and provided that travel back and forth from Canada is also possible then, we are hoping to be able to visit the artists there by the end of that month to make as many art purchases as we can to help our friends begin to get their economy back on track.

In order to finance that effort, we are having a SALE on almost all of our current inventory for the next few weeks. This is a Coupon Sale where you enter a coupon code at checkout.

The specific discounts and codes are:
15% off on any single piece. Coupon code "Cubanocanadian 15%"
20% off on any 2 pieces together. Coupon code "Cubanocanadian 20%"
25% off any 3 or more pieces together. Coupon code "Cubanocanadian 25%"

As always, all prices include free shipping throughout North America unless otherwise indicated. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions using our contact form or by direct email at .

Please note that there are a few pieces on the website without listed prices indicating "Please Contact". This artwork is either currently still in Cuba or on display elsewhere. They are each still for sale but you will need to inquire to make arrangements with us for purchase and delivery.

Now more than ever, we are grateful for your support of Cubanocanadian and the artists we represent. 

Take good care, and stay healthy, safe and happy with and for those you love.