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About Cubanocanadian

Cubanocanadian is a Canada-Cuba endeavor that developed out of a long running conversation between a frequent Cuba visitor from Canada and several Cuban painters regarding how Cuban artists could expose their works to a larger audience than the visiting tourist market. Now a decade after our initial efforts, the core of Cubanocanadian artists continues to grow as changes in the Cuban economy bring new opportunities for young artists in that country, while our efforts have also further expanded to represent Canadian artists in our roster as well. Cubanocanadian is thus able to represent a broad range of artworks in various contemporary styles to our international client base, while also fostering collaboration and artistic exchange between Canada and Cuba.

The Canadian component of Cubanocanadian is located in the nation's capital of Ottawa, Ontario. Along with promoting and selling artwork on the internet, we also stage exhibitions of Cubanocanadian artwork by artists from both Canada and Cuba in the local area, as well as in Cuba.

None of Cubanocanadian's artists are tied exclusively to Cubanocanadian, and each continues to exhibit and sell their works in solo shows and group shows in Cuba and elsewhere.  Individually and collectively, their works have been collected and exhibited throughout the world, including Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia and elsewhere.

We hope that you enjoy the fine artworks presented on our site!