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Kurt Walther Bio and CV


Kurt Walther Cubanocanadian Cuban Art

Born: Sept. 1958, California, U.S.

B A Program, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (1977-1979)
Courses and workshops at Humber College and Ottawa University, Canada

Kurt Walther is a unique abstract artist who uses layered block prints, printed objects, linework, found objects and washes of colour to create multi layered paintings. Some of his works are evocative of dystopic or atrophied cities and speak to the chaotic nature of human achievement. They are peopled with images of tarsiers, flowers, forests and frogs with a mycelial plant and fugal life growing over the ruins. Other pieces are placid under water or pastoral scapes. Kurt’s works are filled with an intriguing business of colour, image and line. 

As well as making prints and sculpture, Kurt Walther is an accomplished guitarist and bass player who has been working out of Ottawa as a composer, arranger, and songwriter for thirty years. He currently plays with several Ottawa groups and teaches music at the Sunnyside school and at other venues throughout the city.


2018 "Tom is a Boy, Mary is a Girl: Memorias del Jardin" Joint Exhibition with Guillermo Esquerra Diaz, Casa de Joven Creador, Trinidad, Cuba
2017 Solo Exhibit of multi media pieces at Happy Goat East, Ottawa, Canada
2017 Collective Exhibit at The Art Space, Ottawa, Canada
2016 Collective Exhibiit at Clear Skys, Ottawa, Canada
2016 Solo Exhibit at Atomic Rooster, Ottawa, Canada
2016 Solo Exhibit at Loretta Studios and Gallery, Ottawa, Canada