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Yurisel Hidalgo Reyes Bio and CV

Born / Nacido January 4, 1991  Holguín, Holguín Province, Cuba.
Escuela de Instructores de of Artes, Holguin, Cuba..

Yurisel Hidalgo Reyes was born January 4, 1991 in the city of Holguín, Cuba and grew up in the small rural town of La Güira in Holguín province. He began to show an interest in the plastic arts at an early age, completing his pre-university studies at the Escuela de Instructores de of Artes. After finishing his studies he moved to Trinidad de Cuba, Sancti Spiritus province, where he currently resides developing his work as a teacher and creator of visual art.

Yurisel has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Cuba including the X Regional Biennial of Trinidad under the theme “Reconexiones” in 2022 , a collateral group exhibition during the regional Biennial of the city of Morón, Ciego de Ávila province, the XV Small Format Salon for UNEAC in 2015, the Exposition “Rayas, Punto y Aparte” with Guillermo Esquerra Diaz in 2015 and other shows in the various art galleries of salons in Trinidad and elsewhere..

Personal exhibitions include:
“El espíritu de mi voz en silencio”, Galería Benito Ortiz, Trinidad, Cuba 2021
“Desde Lo Posible”  Galeria Benito Ortiz,  Trinidad, Cuba 2020
“Soñar en un Paraíso Sin Fin” 2016 Galeria Benito Ortiz,  Trinidad, Cuba
“Otra Vida Interior”, Galería Benito Ortiz, Trinidad, Cuba 2015

This young creator recreates in his works his own fantastic vision of shamans, sorcerers and mythological stories and in particular the Orishas, through drawings, sculptures and paintings with a children's kaleidoscope overflowing with great color and symbols that shape the vision. This images that he creates far from the academy is a constant search for the primitive forms used by our ancestors, adapting them to his own concept and perception.  Fragments upon fragments, colors among colors and countless symbols create magical worlds where Yoruba deities come to life beyond their spiritual existence. It is an infinite journey where each piece is one more step in this adventurous work.