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Miguel Angel Bio and CV


Miguel Angel Cuban Artist

Born April 1990

One of the youngest of the Cuban artists presented by Cubanocanadian, Miguel Ángel is representative of the new Cuban artists currently exploring a wide range of artistic disciplines. Whether in his painting, graphic design or music, Miguel makes full use of the broad educational foundation he received in the arts in Cuba to create a rapidly expanding body of fresh new art. At the same time, his natural artistic sensibility and innate talents result in works more characteristic of much more seasoned artists, suggesting an old artistic soul within.  His painterly portraits presented here, which somehow manage to capture the full essence and emotion of their subjects, are a perfect example of this.

2012 - Mención en el salón provincial de arte Oscar Fernández Morera con el video arte. Pintar lo que deba ser pintado
2011 - Primer premio en el evento de Body Art .Corpóreo con la obra El grito.Sancti Spiritus
2010 - Participación en la exposición nacional dedicada a José Marti El Paso.Sancti Spiritus
2009 - Participación en el salón de miniaturas de Remedios.Cienfuegos
2008 - Participación en la bienal de Jarahueca.Sancti Spiritus
2008 - Participación en la exposición dedicada a José Marti en la escuela de Formadores de Maestros..Sancti Spiritus